Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Carwin interview: Heavyweight slugger is ready to throw hands with dos Santos

Come Saturday, Shane Carwin may look like a slightly different fighter from a physique standpoint. He's expecting to weigh around 255 pounds, but he's bringing the same attitude when it comes to knocking his opponent's head off against Junior dos Santos.

"I'm gonna stand toe-to-toe. That's type of fighter I am. Let's face it, that's what got both of us where we're at," Carwin told "The MMA Insiders" on ESPNRadio1100 in Las Vegas. "I like my power and I think I have a great chin. I like to stand and bang, and that's what I'm passionate about."

The key to being a knockout puncher is the willingness to stand in the pocket and absorb some big shots if necessary. If he gets blasted in the main event of UFC 131, Carwin already showed he can come off the deck. Back at UFC 96, Gabriel Gonzaga smashed Carwin's nose and floored him, but he kept his cool.

"When Gonzaga hit me, I was stunned for a second or two. We were against the fence and I knew Gonzaga was a black belt, and I didn't want to be underneath him. Once we got back up it was just swinging away again," said Carwin.

Carwin recovered from that broken nose to come back and KO Gonzaga inside of 70 seconds. Every one of Carwin's 12 career wins has come via finish. Dos Santos' resume is nearly as impressive. The power-punching Brazilian has 11 finishes amongst his 12 wins. If this one goes 15 minutes, these guys will likely be beaten and bloodied.

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