Friday, May 6, 2011

What you need to know from this week on ‘The Ultimate Fighter’

Deep into season 13 of "The Ultimate Fighter," Team Lesnar is coping with a loss and suspicious of one of their own. Who will Brock yell at? Who has the disgusting injury of the week? Will the fighters tell ghost stories around the campfire? Read on for spoilers and a fight recap.

Overreaction of the week: After Charlie Rader's loss, Lesnar rips his team. Len Bentley is not happy with having to sit through this, since he "fought his heart out and is not going to get punked." That's fine, Len. You keep it real. Just remember that sometimes, keepin' it real can go wrong. It seems that Len still has some abandonment issues, complaining that Brock wasn't even THERE for his fight. Lesnar just wants one of his three remaining fighters to give it their all.

"I want somebody to wow me," Lesnar says. "Who is it gonna be?"

Not getting it of the week: Back at the house, Bentley says that he doesn't fight to "wow" Lesnar. Well, that's short-sighted, considering he lost his first fight and a wildcard berth is up for grabs. If Lesnar isn't wowed, he won't likely fight for that fighter's second chance.

Fight pick of the week: Mick Bowman (Team dos Santos) vs. Clay Harvison (Lesnar)

Overstepping ... again of the week: Lew Polley is pissing off dos Santos again, because his only job is to teach wrestling, but Lew tries to teach every discipline. This isn't going to end well.

Paranoia of the week: Harvison is positive that Chris Cope is working as a double agent for Team dos Santos. He doesn't like the way Cope stares at him during mitt practice. Harvison says that Cope's double-agency is "ground for an [expletive]-whooping." He's dangerous. He's been known to break the law. He wears his sunglasses backwards. He's ... Clay Harvison.

Someone writes, "Chris Cope Double Agent," into the sand in the zen room -- seriously -- and Cope confronts it like an adult. He tells the team, over S'mores, that he isn't a double agent. His team believes him ... until they get back to their rooms and call him a compulsive liar. They say Team dos Santos wrote it. Cope says Tony Ferguson wrote it. They yell. Sigh.

Memorial of the week: Harvison has an elaborate tattoo on his torso. It's in honor of his brother, as the ink was injected with his brother's ashes.

J'Accuse! Of the week: Mick is the culprit behind the sand writings. He did it "for a bit of fun," and the over-sensitive Lesnarians took it seriously.

Fight of the week: Bowman (dos Santos) vs. Harvison (Lesnar)

Round 1: Mick shoots in for a takedown but misses badly and ends up on his back. Harvison lands strikes from above, avoiding Bowman's flurry of upkicks. Harvison lets Bowman stand up, and uses the opportunity to work Bowman into the cage. Bowman throws knees and punches to the body, then gets the better of striking for the remaining 40 seconds of the round.

Round 2: Harvison starts strong, pushing Bowman back with kicks and knees until they are clinched against the cage again. Bowman pushes Harvison off of him, and starts throwing low kicks. He pushes forward, landing strikes and kicks. He takes a few shots to the legs, too, but doesn't seem bothered. As dos Santos yells, "GO!" Bowman shoots for a takedown, but ends up getting pushed against the catch for the final seconds of the round.

To Dana White's surprise, the fight goes to a decision after two round. Harvison wins 20-18 on all three judges' cards.

Lesnar is happy, because he was wowed, and his entertainment is all that matters. The bad news is that Harvison's sustained a compound -- read: bone sticking out -- fracture of his finger. White says, "He's out. It's sticking out? He's out."


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