Monday, May 23, 2011

Video analysis: Iole/Meltzer on what’s next for Sonnen

Kevin Iole and Dave Meltzer give their reaction to what went down with Chael Sonnen in front of the California State Athletic Commission.

Update this afternoon from MMAWeekly:

The commission has now finalized Sonnen's timeline as to when he would be able to re-apply for a license in the state. According to the California State Athletic Commission, Sonnen's suspension will run through his current license expires on June 29, 2011.

Folllowing the expiration of his license, Sonnen will not be able to re-apply for a new license in the state until at least May 18, 2012. At that time, Sonnne can re-apply for a license in the state of California, but there are still no guarantees he will be approved.

Looks like Sonnen and UFC will be faced with the choice of snubbing California and heading elsewhere or the fighter will be sidelined until the middle of 2012. The extension of the penalty is similar to what California did to Antonio Margarito. We're not comparing what Margarito was caught doing (loading his handwraps with a plaster-like substance) to Sonnen's offense, but the state left the fighter with no recourse and no way to make a living. Frankly, that's a ridiculous penalty in this case.

Update: The CSAC was "confused" and now Sonnen is eligible to re-apply this year.

"Upon reviewing the May 18, 2011 decision of the commission, an error in the applicability of Rule 399 was made," stated a release issued today by the commission. "The rule states that, 'Any applicant who has been denied an application for a license may not file a similar application until one year from the date of the last previous denial by the commission. Any application filed within the one year period may be denied without the necessity of a hearing. Anyone who has had his license revoked may not petition for reinstatement or apply for a new license until one year after the date of such revocation. Any petition for reinstatement filed within the one year period may be denied without the necessity of a hearing.'

"Since the commission did not revoke or deny Mr. Sonnen's license, the rule does not apply."


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