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UFC 129 Confidence Picks and Betting Contest Results

By Rich Hansen, MMA Torch Columnist:

The MMA Torch Betting and Confidence Pick games featured two championship matchups, neither of which had a defending champion. That was due to the awful championship match performances of the champs and challengers at UFC 128. But rather than dwell into that anymore, I prefer to look forward and commend our readership (that means you, and yes, even you over there in the corner) for their improved performance at UFC 129.


So, the Confidence Pick game championship match pitted the top two finishers from the UFC 128 Pool; Shaun Louis vs. Daniel Moore. This one wasn?t close, as Shaun Louis scored 72 out of a possible 78 points to outpace Moore?s respectable 57 point total. Shaun only missed on Ryan Jensen for 4 points, and Charlie Valencia for 2 points. Daniel missed on Yves Jabouin for 7 points, Jason Brilz for 5 points, Charlie Valencia for 4 points, Ryan Jensen for 3 points, and Mark Bocek for 7 points. Congratulations are in order for Shaun Louis!

But it gets no easier at UFC 130, and Shaun will be facing off against one Simon Kerry, who got his entry in to me with less than 15 minutes until the deadline. And that late entry broke the little heart of MMA Torch Editor Jamie Penick, as both Kerry and Penick scored 72 points at UFC 129. Kerry missed on Jensen for 4 points and Valencia for 2 points. Penick also went 10-2, missing on Bocek for 4 points and Roberts for 2 points. Both Kerry and Penick went 10-2, they each got 5 methods correctly, but Kerry got 3 rounds correct whereas Penick failed mightily by getting 2 rounds correct. That?s right, Jamie Penick failed mightily. For shame, boss, for shame.

So to conclude, UFC 130 will see new champion Shaun Louis vs. Simon Kerry. Good luck, boys.


Before I announce the winners, I have to ask? What in the hell were you people doing putting Shields, Hominick, and Couture in all those bets? I understand a small flyer on one of them, but parlays? And putting more than one of those guys in a parlay? You people make my brain hurt.

Anyhooooo, Daniel Moore may have failed to win the Confidence Pick game title, but he was in the enviable position to fight for 2 titles as he went into UFC 129 with a shot to win both games.

And he lost twice, as Danny Mellor defeated Danny Moore by a mere $333.37. Full results for both players are below.

Danny Mellor: $1347.12
$200 on GSP for $240
$200 on Rory MacDonald for $366.67
$150 on Jason MacDonald for $315
$150 on Mark Bocek for $0
$100 on Randy Couture for $0
$200 parlay on GSP, Ellenberger, and Aldo for $425.45

Daniel Moore: $1013.75
$100 on GSP for $120
$200 parlay on Ellenberger, Rory MacDonald, and Patrck for $893.75

As a result, Danny Mellor is our new Betting Game champion. He will be facing off against, wait for it? Out esteemed Editor Jamie Penick. While Jamie Penick may suck at fourth-level tiebreakers in making confidence picks, he absolutely lapped the field with his bets, earning almost 30% more than the second place bettor, one Rich Hansen. Unfortunately, I was unable to find any irregularities, cheating, or skeletons in the closet with which I could disqualify Penick, so as a result El Presidente will be fighting for the Betting Game title at UFC 130 against Danny Mellor. Good luck to both of you except Jamie.


We had 26 players for the UFC 129 Confidence Picks Game. Here is a breakdown on how many players picked each fighter on the UFC 129 card:

GSP 24, Shields 2
Makdessi 23, Watson 3
Aldo 23, Hominick 3
Ellenberger 22, Pierson 4
Patrick 20, Roberts 6
Brilz 17, Matyushenko 9 ? whoops
Rory MacDonald 16 ? Diaz 10
Valencia 16, Menjivar 10 ? whoops
Jabouin 16, Garza 10 - whoops
Machida 15, Couture 11 ? 11 people were guilty of picking with their heart?
Henderson 14, Bocek 12
J Macdonald 14, Jensen 12

So MMA Torch consensus picks went 9-3. Now to individual results

Simon Kerry, Jamie Penick: 72
Danny Mellor: 69
Rich Hansen: 66
VD, Anthony Sinnott: 64
Jason: 63
Skarz: 62
Syd Bailey: 61
Mark Barrowcliffe: 60
Josh Ely: 56
lightning101: 54
Bam White, Kevin Seng (ster): 53
Matt Pelkey: 51
Chris Wallner: 50
Evan Ottem, Brent King: 49
Tony Shuck, Kenton McNany: 46
Cambo Nelson: 43
Brian Fuller: 42
Dionicio Ortiz: 40
Chris Moore: 28


Jamie Penick: $ $2,536.67
$500 on J MacDonald for $1050
$100 on Garza for $250
$200 parlay on JMac, RMac, and Makdessi for $1236.67

Rich Hansen: $1960.88
$500 on JMac for $1050
$50 on Menjivar for $87.04
$200 parlay on JMac, Ellenberger, and Machida for $823.85

Simon Kerry: $1661.49
$500 on RMac for $916.67
$200 on Matyushenko for $373.91
$200 parlay on GSP, Aldo, and Machida for $370.91

Shaun Louis: $1640.91
$500 on Aldo for $590.91
$300 on RMac for $550
$200 on Garza for $500

Syd Bailey: $1155.11
$400 on Henderson for $675.86
$200 parlay on Aldo, GSP, and Henderson for $479.25

Brent King: $1125
$450 on Garza for $1125

Jason: $110.91
$400 on Patrick for $650
$200 parlay on GSP, Aldo, and Patrick for $460.91

Anthony Sinnott: $1108.81
$200 on Aldo for $236.36
$200 on Machida for $261.54
$200 on GSP for $240
$200 parlay on Aldo, Machida, and GSP for $370.91

Josh Ely: $975
$250 on JMac for $525
$150 on Garza for $375
$50 on Ellenberger for $75

Mark Barrowcliffe: $973.91
$500 on GSP for $600
$200 on Matyushenko for $373.91

Kevin Seng(ster): $934.78
$500 on Matyushenko for $934.78

Chris Moore: $850
$300 on RMac for $550
$200 on Ellenberger for $300

Tony Shuck: $790.91
$200 on JMac for $420
$200 on GSP, Aldo, and Machida for $370.91

Connor Thomas: $770
$200 on JMac for $420
$100 on Garza for $250

Kevin Ortiz: $750
$300 on Garza for $750

Matt Pelkey: $692.12
$200 on Makdessi for $321.21
$200 parlay on GSP, Aldo, and Machida for $370.91

Bam White: $506.90
$300 on Henderson for $506.90

Kenton McNany: $337.93
$200 on Henderson for $337.93

Evan Ottem: $
$250 on Machida for $326.92

Skarz: $321.21
$200 on Makdessi for $321.21

lightning101: $240
$200 on GSP for $240

Hobie Suh: $84.48
$50 on Henderson for $84.48

Dionicio Ortiz, Chris Wallner, Trey Witzell, Forrest Mize, Brian Foster, vd: $0

Performer of the Night: When in doubt, praise the boss. El Presidente Jamie Penick won the betting pool by almost 30% over the runner up, and was one tiebreaker away from winning the confidence picks pool as well. Good job boss, how about a raise already, you skinflint. I of course mean that in the nicest way possible.

Goat of the Night: The 13 people who sent in invalid ballots. Maybe you noticed that we had far fewer players than normal. Well, I had to disqualify 13 entries because of irregularities in their entries. From listing the same fighter twice in the confidence picks, to betting $1200, to not identifying WHICH MacDonald in several entries, to still not understanding that all betting entries must have a minimum of 3 straight bets, 13 players turned 30 minutes of prep work into 5 hours of prep work. Not cool.

The shocking part is that there was only one bad entry for UFC 125 when the new rules went into play. That number has gone up slightly every event since, and then it ballooned this time. Weirder yet is that UFC 129 featured the first time when I actually listed all the rules together, so that there would be no confusion about how to play.

Beginning with UFC 130 this month, incorrect entries will be thrown out, as there are far too many following the rules to worry about correcting those who can't. So fair warning moving forward with the game, it will be on everyone to submit a correct entry if they want to take part in the game.


David Bielkheden Michael Bisping  Dan Bobish Vagam Bodjukyan

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