Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Three Stars from UFC 129: Main card edition

After a blockbuster UFC 129, Cagewriter had to break "Three Stars" into two parts. See the undercard stars here, and read on for the stars of the main card.

No. 1 star -- Lyoto Machida: With Steven Seagal improbably looking on through his shooting glasses, Machida threw nearly the same kick that Anderson Silva used to knock out Vitor Belfort. Machida threw more of a "Karate Kid" spin on the kick, as he faked with the left before quickly threw the KO kick with the right. Again, he gave credit to Seagal, which was one of the memorable parts of an unbelievable night.

No. 2 star -- Mark Hominick: Yes, Hominick lost to Jose Aldo in a five-round decision. Aldo is clearly the more skilled fighter, but even in a loss, Hominick impressed. In front of 55,000 fellow Canadians, Hominick showed that smaller fighters can get crowds standing and cheering. Even with a hematoma on his head and cheek and a swollen eye, Hominick never quit. For that, he took home a $129,000 Fight of the Night bonus for his efforts, which is a nice bit of cash for a man whose wife is due this week.

No. 3 star -- Vladimir Matyushenko: All of the "this guy is old and still fighting" pre-fight publicity went to Randy Couture, but "The Janitor" turned 40 in January, and took just 20 seconds to knock out Jason Brilz. Not too bad for a guy who has been fighting since 1997.

Honorable mention -- Toronto: For months and months, we heard that UFC 129 was going to be the biggest UFC event in history. Toronto completely delivered, packing the Rogers Centre with loud and raucous fans who responded to the fantastic fights that were in front of them. Well played, Toronto. Take note, New York.

Source: http://sports.yahoo.com/mma/blog/cagewriter/post/Three-Stars-from-UFC-129-Main-card-edition?urn=mma-wp1939

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