Tuesday, May 3, 2011

ROUNDTABLE (pt. 2 of 2): Reactions to Zuffa's plans on moving Strikeforce to pay-per-view in July - Perez, Hyden, Hobaugh, Leet, Williams and Park

What are your thoughts on Zuffa moving Strikeforce to pay-per-view in July?


Strikeforce on pay-per-view should be quite interesting. �I actually think it'll be harder than when Zuffa moved WEC to pay-per-view for the Jose Also vs. Urijah Faber fight. �With the UFC promotional machine behind it, it should do well, but it'll really be telling to see what changes will be made to the overall programming for Strikeforce, similar to what happened to the WEC with their foray into pay-per-view. �It has an opportunity to set itself apart, albeit, with the Zuffa brand behind it.


I don't really like it that much. I just don't think Strikeforce has enough talent to justify putting them on pay-per-view. Fans expect a certain level of quality, and it has to be on a consistent basis. Strikeforce has some very talented fighters, but not enough of them to justify this move, especially with the June 18 card they've got set up. Also, the brand Strikeforce doesn't carry the same weight that the UFC does, it'll be a hard sell to the casual fan.


Strikeforce has mostly second tier fighters and they should be on free TV. Having said that, any time Dana White is involved he will do what makes Zuffa the most money.� I think that if they do not use UFC fighters on all of their pay-per-view shows the buy rates will be very poor.� The only way that the buy rates are respectable is if the cost is much less than the UFC pay-per-views.


As a fan, I really do not like it. We pay enough money in just watching the UFC pay-per-view. At the same time, I find the Strikeforce and Showtime presentation to be a little weak. I do not care for the announcers, the extra time at the end of an event, and sometime their overall ignorance of what the hell they are doing. So it would be interesting to see what the UFC does when Showtime is not in the picture.


It's a bad idea.� The PPV market is already oversaturated with shows that don't belong on PPV.


The set up is really bizarre in the UK compared to the States. Being a relatively non-pay-per-view country, the set up with ESPN UK has been going very well. Single monthly payments and you get everything the channel has to offer (including the last minute signing of The Ultimate Fighter 13.)

Strikeforce, however, has been on pay-per-view station "Primetime" for the last few months and ironically means that, while �9-�12 a month will provide you with all the UFC that's availiable, a Strikeforce event requires a viewer to cough up and extra �10.

That said, last weekend's showing was something special and shows like that are worth every penny.

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