Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chael Sonnen Suspended For Remainder Of His License By CSAC

Chael Sonnen's suspension from the California State Athletic Commission ran its course this week but unfortunately for the top ranked middleweight fighter, it will continue until he appears before the commissions to explain himself a little more according to George Dodd, who spoke with <a href=></a> about Sonnen:<Br><br>

?Chael completed his suspension for the athletic commission just recently, so he still had time on his license here in California, and what we did, we put him on a California State Administrative Suspension for the remainder of his license, until he appeared before the commission,? Dodd told on Tuesday.<Br><br>

?We sent Chael a letter and he?s requested to appear in front of the commission to appeal his suspension. Currently, we have the date of May 18 for next week for his appeal of his current suspension.?


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