Saturday, April 23, 2011

A more relaxed Marcus Davis fights in Canada tonight

Riding a two-fight losing streak at 37 years old, Marcus Davis wants everyone to know he's not some broken, down fighter hanging on for a payday. He intends to get back�to the�UFC and his path is through Canada and the lightweight division.

Marcus Davis is one of several former UFC fighters on the MFC 29 card (HDNet 10 p.m. ET/ 7 p.m. PT) in Windsor, Ontario. Davis (17-8) takes on Curtis Demarce. He's is glad to see a guy like Demarce in front of him instead of a Jeremy Stephens or Nate Diaz.�Davis was cut by the UFC after suffering a knockout loss against Stephens. He admits�that the pressure of keeping a job in the UFC,�became too much to handle.

"I lost that split decision to Dan Hardy [at UFC 99] and everything just went downhill for me. I got nervous, I started to second-guess everything I was doing, and when you fear and focus on, 'I might get cut,' that's usually what happens," Davis told Blood Elbow.�"That's because that's where your focus is and it's not in having fun, performing and doing what you need to do. Because of that, I kind of willed it to happen, I feel. There's a lot of pressure that's off my shoulders right now."

Entering the fight against Demarce, Davis is relaxed.�

"I get to experiment and do some things I've been working on that maybe I wouldn't feel so comfortable experimenting and working on on the stage of the UFC in the Octagon," Davis said.�"I will go out there and I'm gonna have fun. I'm gonna go out there and I'm gonna experiment."

Demarce is only 10-8, but he looked pretty solid his last time out. He lost a questionable decision against Richie Whitson, but ripped up his face. Davis wasn't impressed.

"[...] couldn't even fight two years ago. Then all of a sudden, the last year-and-a-half, year or whatever it's been, he's really turned it around," Davis said. "He's fought some tough guys, but he hasn't fought me. He hasn't fought anybody, after looking at his record and watching his fights, that can�strike like I can and I will be the biggest 155-pound guy he's ever gotten in the ring with."

Demarce did something to piss off Davis, because after dropping a little smack he turned brought out the flame-thrower on Demarce.

"He's not going to get in there and knock me out. He's going to try to grapple because that's what he's going to do. He's going to get beat up, he's going to get hurt. He's going to try to take me down and when he locks up with me, he's going to realize that's not going to happen. He'll be my human punching bag until this fight is over."

The MFC 29 co-main eventsfeature�the promotion's light heavyweight champ Ryan Jimmo against�Zak Cummings�and 170 champ Douglas Lima defending against Terry Martin.�Hermes Franca and Pete Spratt are also on the card. Head over to MMAMania for an extensive preview of the card.


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