Monday, March 28, 2011

Twitter’s evil downside: Tito and Jenna fighting again online

Tito Ortiz, still one of the most high profile fighters in mixed martial arts, is a prolific tweeter, but the last day or so is one of those times you wish he and his former pornstar wife Jenna Jameson would power down.

Two nights ago, Ortiz got MMA fans and followers all worked up when he sent out a tweet saying, "I'm out."

The rumor mill cranked up thinking the fighter was talking about his career in the cage. After all, Ortiz has had a ton of injuries and delays in recent years. He was supposed to fight this weekend at Ultimate Fight Night 24 against Antonio Rogerio Nogueira before pulling out. It was confirmed early this week that he'll return against Ryan Bader at UFC 132.

Right now, there's no need to worry about his work in the Octagon. Instead, it looks like Tito was talking about the latest run-in with his wife. Ortiz wasn't very forthcoming, but Jameson was tweeting on the topic of her marriage with every Tom, Dick and Harry.

In his efforts to stay relevant, continue to earn a living and complete his contract with the UFC, Ortiz is already battling father time. God only knows how the seemingly constant drama on the homefront has to be affecting his career.

Thanks to Cage Potato for this tip and Twitter screengrabs. CP also did a great job of summing up the latest chapter in the Tito-Jenna story:

Seriously. Is Twitter and Facebook just a major waste of time for anyone who isn't a creep or an attention whore? Hopefully they follow through with this latest threat of a split so we don't have to report on their train wreck of a relationship again.


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