Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sadollah takes out Johnson at UFN 24

Amir Sadollah won the battle of two "The Ultimate Fighter" stars on Saturday night at Ultimate Fight Night 24. Sadollah forced DaMarques Johnson to submit due to strikes in the second round of their bout.

The fight started with an eventful first round. Johnson took advantage of an early slip by Sadollah to get in side control, but couldn't do much with it. Moments later, Johnson caught a kick to get another takedown. That time, he was able to land elbows while on the ground before Sadollah returned to his feet. Johnson threw Sadollah for another takedown before Sadollah reversed, and landed some serious strikes before the round ended.

In the second, the two had a furious exchange early, both landing strikes and coming out with bloody faces. But Sadollah took the upper hand halfway through the round. He got full mount and rained down blows onto Johnson's head. At first, Johnson was able to roll away, but Sadollah stayed close. He regained mount, took control of Johnson's hand and then blasted Johnson with elbows until the bout was stopped at 3:27.

"I am ecstatic with my performance," Sadollah said after the fight. "I'm here not just to look good. I want to be the best and fight the best."

Johnson took this fight on short notice after Duane Ludwig and James Wilks both pulled out because of injury. His record falls to 12-9. Sadollah, who has fought every one of his pro bouts in the UFC, is now 5-2.


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